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The worst blogger in the world

I am the worst blogger in the world. No, really. Can you imagine???

Only 1 post in 2020.
Only 3 posts in 2021.
Only 1 post in 2022.
Only 2 posts in 2023 (including the one you’re reading now).

A big big – S-H-A-M-E O-N M-E.

Frankly, the reason why this happened was….

Sorry, no more lame excuses. My sincere apologies for not publishing any content. To cover my mistake, 2 gifts for you:

The first gift is a colourful printable A3 size mindmap for achieving New Year Resolutions. This mindmap will help you create a plan, maintain consistency, and even following through with your resolution, whatever it is. Do you have one for 2024? Then all you have to do is request it and you will receive it within 3 working days. Cool? Get it HERE! (Offer valid only if you claim it by 15th Jan’2024)

The second is some of my musings that I have randomly written down in my journal recently. Have a read:

Exercise is an unpleasant act. I don’t love the act by itself, but the results that it brings. It’s not just about the physical looks. The improvement in sleep, the clarity that it brings to my mind, the way my body serves me better.

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