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goodbye 2022 welcome 2023

This is the first and the last post I am writing in 2022. Why? Because the last post I wrote was in May’21 and not a single post since then (today is 31st Dec’2022). Shame on me, being an author. Actually, I’ve been writing on and off, but in my journal. I did not want to write it here in an open blog. Frankly, I didn’t want sympathy. That’s all I’d like to say as of now.

So, what have I been doing all this time? Well, life was a roller coaster, full of ups and downs. Okay, let me correct that. It was mostly downs. Yes, this year was extremely bad on 2 major fronts in life – finance and relationships.

I am not here to release my pent up emotions. I am just mentioning it, that’s all. It is now time to do something about it. To bring my life back on track. To recover the financial loss. To build new relationships and / or improve existing ones. I seriously have a long way to go. I hope things turn out better from tomorrow, from the new 2023.

While I’d love to write a long post, unfortunately, today isn’t the right time. So I’ll pen off from here, sorry. One more thing. I’m about to start a new business. Print on demand. Let’s see how it goes. The new website is

Until later…

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  1. Gert Gert

    Hi Samir,

    I was searching for a book and came across your book gain clarity on your life’s purpose and goal achievement. I was triggered by you intro on thoughts.

    You asserted:
    —> that we cannot control thoughts showing up
    —> that we can limit thoughts appearing (processing them)
    —> that we can change our thoughts
    —> that we control our responses to them.

    You also indicated why we have thoughts
    —> unanswered sub- conscious questions
    —> unanswered conscious questions

    I find this a very fascinating subject to explore and would like to read your book and converse with you

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