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My Quotes

I sometimes write quotes when I’m in the relevant mood. Below are some of them (If you wish to use them anywhere, please get in touch with me by clicking on the Contact link):

  1. Regret (This one is a thought for today) We all have to suffer from one of two pains, the pain of discipline or the pain or regret. While discipline weighs in kilos, regret weighs in tons. What were you choosing? Your current physical and mental state reflects your past choices. What should you choose? What will you choose?
  2. (This is a “did you know?”) If you commit to making 1% in anything starting today and increase 1% every day, in 68 days you will become 100% better than what you are today!
  3. Think outside the box (This one is a thought for today) Stop thinking about what you did in the past when you envisage your future. Your view gets restricted. Think outside the box. Think big. Don’t limit yourself. This, my friend, is the difference between a better or much better life (or even a successful venture, for that matter).
  4. Gratitude (This one is a thought for today) Instant gratification is what you strive for others. Delayed gratification is what you manage for yourself. This is the new challenging mantra for success.
  5. Happiness (This one is a thought for today) Happiness is a choice which is found within, not outside. You cannot compare it with material possessions. Stop comparing yourself with others. Stay away from negative news and avoid people who constantly complain, criticize and make excuses. There is no path to happiness, it itself is the path. Just decide to be happy, don’t let someone else influence your decision.
  6. Choice (This one is a thought for today) Your current physical, mental, social and financial health is a result of your thoughts and the actions you have taken (or not taken) in the past. You always have a choice in everything you do. Once you realize this and start making better choices, your situation is bound to improve.
  7. Society has glorified struggle, sacrifice and suffering to the point of becoming expectations. These are either your choice or your karma, nothing else.
  8. Change yourself to change your opinion of yourself, and not others opinion of yourself. Whether they follow suit or not is not in your control, hence should not be your concern.