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Free Consultation Week

Hi guys,
Would you like me to consult you on your most pressing issue? Here’s your chance! From today, 24th July’19 to 31st July’2019, I will personally read your story and give you my best opinion on whatever challenge you are facing in life (or even business, for that matter).

All you need to do is mention your issue in the comment section below. Be as detailed as you can, so that we don’t go to and fro with questions and answers before arriving at a solution. Do also mention your name (real or pen name is fine) and your country.

Why am I doing this, especially for free?

You probably know that I’ve previously authored a book “Legitimate Work From Home Opportunities“. I’m writing a couple more self improvement books and I want to add some case studies to them. I also want to test myself and my abilities. I will be publishing your story in my books, however, I will only use your real name with your permission. If you’re not comfortable in disclosing your real name, I’ll use your pen name or a fictitious name.

Frankly, I’m quite happy with what my clients pay me to consult them, so you will not see me making such offers again. At least not in the near future. This is truly a win-win opportunity and valid for one week only. Help me help you by placing your detailed query in the comment box below!

Note: If you prefer not to show your story on this page, you can submit it from the contact form. Also, please exhibit some patience for my response. This offer also goes to my email subscribers, so I may by busy responding to them, too. I will respond on a first come first served basis only.

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  1. Jennifer Johnson Jennifer Johnson

    Hi Samir,

    Thanks for your offer! I have just one pressing problem, I simply can’t get myself to wake up at 6.00 a.m. I go on hitting the snooze button and have to drag myself from the bed each morning. I’m always late and then it becomes a mad rush preparing lunch boxes, getting my children ready for school, etc. I can’t get myself to sleep early as I prefer to watch some TV after a tiring day, So I tried taking some sleeping pills, but I feel more groggy in the morning. I tried some other ideas which I got searching on google but none seem to work. What do you suggest?

    – Jen

    • Samir Jhaveri Samir Jhaveri

      Hi Jen,

      Good to hear from you! I totally believe that being a morning person is very important. I actually have a long chapter on this subject in my upcoming book. My advice follows below:

      1. Keep your alarm clock far away from where you sleep, but within audible range. This way, you’re forced to get up and walk towards it, to turn it off. You will lose some of your sleep this way.

      2. Buy an appliance timer and program it to put all lights on, put fan and air-conditioner off, etc. Make it difficult to go back to sleep!

      3. Go to bed a little early, say 30 minutes and set your alarm 30 minutes early. After 4 days sleep another 30 minutes earlier and wake up another 30 minutes early. Habits take time to change, so go a little slow and give your body time to adjust.

      4. Have an early dinner and a light snack before going to bed, if you feel hungry. Consider having a cup of warm milk before bed. Avoid caffeine and nicotine 2-3 hours before you go to sleep.

      5. A warm shower also helps before going to bed. Keep your bedroom air-conditioner on cool, not cold.

      6. Stay away from your TV for at least one or two hours before you go to sleep. All screens including the TV emit blue light which reduces melatonin that is secreted in the brain. This interferes with your sleep and upsets the sleep cycle. If you’re addicted to TV, check out this article:

      Hope this helps!

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