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The “Not To Do” List

Off recently, I have observed that my to-do list often becomes too long and really difficult to follow. Sometimes it gets so frustrating that I wonder how others manage their daily tasks, given the number of distractions that we are subjected to, all day.

Recently, after feeling somewhat unproductive, I tried another approach. I created a new list and called it my “not to do” list. I listed several things which I should definitely NOT be doing. These include stuff that is NOT in the best of my interest, stuff that is NOT congruent to my long term goals, low value stuff that I can outsource to someone, etc.

Surprisingly, I found that this is much easier to manage! While I ALSO have my to-do list, I ensure that the not-to-do list is followed diligently. When I remember the things I shouldn’t be doing at all, I find that things are a lot more clearer.

More precautionary items I added later were – not to get angry easily (meaning, controlling your anger. It’s not possible to NOT get angry), not to sleep late at night, not to be too lazy, not to eat junk food (and not also overeat), etc. Try it out, maybe it works for you!

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