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The Biggest Lie In The World – Are You Guilty Of It Too?

pinocchio the lier
pinocchio the lier

Today morning, I was doing a bit of reflection on my life, after a meditation session. I accidentally discovered the biggest lie in the world. It’s a lie that almost everyone of us are guilty of speaking. Unfortunately, and I’m ashamed to say, I’m guilty of it, too. I’ve spoken this lie probably thousands of times over and over again in my life. And most probably you must have said it, too. You may not have intended to or realized that you’re lying, but that doesn’t change the fact that you have lied.

As I write this, I’m making a resolution today, to avoid “speaking this lie” as much as I can. I’m not promising that I’ll never, because it is an old habit, and old habits die hard. But I’ll try my best. I’ve also thought of some “alternate words” which, when spoken instead, won’t make it a lie. In fact, I am also advising others to avoid speaking this lie as much as they can. I’m hoping that you help me spread the word, by sharing my post on social media networks.

Having said that, let me reveal the “big lie” that we’re speaking all our lives. The words are… “I don’t have time”. This, my friend, is the biggest lie in the world. Think about it, we all have 24 hours in a day, how can we NOT have time? Are we on our deathbed and going to heaven (or hell, whatever)? If that is the case, then speaking “I don’t have time” would be justified. But we’re not dying all the time, are we? However, we speak these words all the time. Sometimes, even to ourselves. Which means that we are not only lying to others, we are lying to ourselves, too!

If this is a lie, why do we say it all the time? It’s because we have heard everyone say it all their lives, and now we copy them and will probably continue to say it all our lives, too! It is our childhood programming, and follow the herd mentality. But, it is still a lie. “Samir, if this is a lie, what is the truth?” Good question. If you want to say the truth, you need to say the “right alternate words”. Let me think of an example… OK, let’s assume that I asked you “Why don’t you exercise regularly?” You want to reply “I don’t have the time to exercise”. In this case, let me come up with correct alternates:

  • I don’t consider exercise to be valuable (to me), that I should spend time on it.
  • Exercise is valuable but I don’t need it, so I don’t want to spend my time on it.
  • There are other activities that I give more priority than exercise, so I will not spend time on it now.

It is NOT EASY to give a reply like one of these, because you need guts to speak the truth, to reveal yourself. Even to yourself. Because when you do, you are opening yourself to debate, argument or even criticism. Especially, when the reasons don’t hold water.

On the other side of the coin, you are consciously and deliberately lying. In which case, your reply (provided you tell the truth) would be like:

  • I am a lazy bum and I prefer to stay in my comfort zone.
  • I am not self motivated enough. I am good-for-nothing.
  • I am not confident of myself that I will succeed.
  • I am scared of hurting myself in the gym.
  • I don’t like to work hard by working out.
  • I am afraid of being criticized if I don’t continue my exercise regimen. I would rather not start at all, than start now and repent later.
  • Eating, drinking, chilling out, watching TV, etc is what I prefer to do in my spare time. I am a couch potato.

It is almost impossible to give a reply like one of these, and we know why. So, what to do now? How can we avoid saying “I don’t have time”?

First of all, you should be downright honest with yourself. Lying, especially to yourself, is not going to help you in any way. So, get over your fear and speak the truth. Next, if you think you don’t have time to _______ (fill in your point here), then you need to analyze the issue. How important is it to you, and for you, to spend the time necessary to “do it”? If it is really important, stop giving excuses to yourself and others and do it NOW. If you can’t do it now, immediately open your diary and create a schedule in your calendar for the nearest possible date and time, to do this important thingy.

Making a written commitment is important. And remembering to take action on the scheduled time is even more important. If you lack motivation, learn how to motivate yourself. Learn how to manage yourself and eliminate time wasting activities. Curb your television addiction if you suffer from it. Improve your productivity. Reflect on your life and analyze where you need to put a stop-loss! One you have done all of this, you won’t say “I don’t have time“! In fact, you won’t need to, if you have followed these instructions properly. Now do what it takes, before your “lie” becomes the truth and you actually run out of time. All the best!

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